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Jubilee 10th Konjice Marathon
25. 9. 2022
Video 5th Konjice marathon
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Why Konjice Marathon?

Colourful track

Enjoy at 5-, 10- or 21-kilometres run among meadows, fields and vineyards.

Excellent atmosphere

Simply excellent atmosphere and fun programme will embrace you along running experience.

Gift package

Top quality sports t-shirt JOMA and other gifts.

Konjice Marathon in picture!

Check out the photo and video gallery with moments captured at all previous marathons.

Tracks for brave marathon runners, running enthusiasts and running starters!

Half-marathon 21 kilometres, middle track 10 kilometres and recreational 5 kilometres.

Dravinja Valley running track invites the most brave and courageous to its longest length, half of track is pitch-perfect for running enthusiasts and the shortest one is just beautiful for recreational running starters.

Registration is closed!

Do not miss out our most budget friendly registration.

We are looking forward to greet you at Konjice Marathon – Marathon with soul!