Tender 8th Konjice marathon

Measures taken during the CIVID-19 epidemic have led to changes in the Tender. The tender, which was valid until 18. 8. 2020, IS NO LONGER VALID! The 21 km race will not be held in 2020, and the races on the other two routes will be divided into two days.

More in the two tenders below.


Sport association Konjice marathon (Športno društvo Konjiški maraton)
Ulica Toneta Melive 8a, 3210 Slovenske Konjice, Slovenia
Website:                    www.konjiskimaraton.si/en
E-mail:                      teci@konjiskimaraton.si
Mobile phone:        +386 51 655 900

Last update: 18. 8. 2020