Welcome at sign up section for Konjice marathon.

Online individual registration

Simply sign up online. Fill out an electronic application for individual registration. Fields labelled with a mark (*) are obligatory to fill out. In the end, when the registration is submitted, you will get further instructions for paying the registration fee and the details about the participation at the marathon to your email address.

Participation fee:


    payed until 31 3. 2021

  • FAVORABLE 28 €

    payed from 1.4. unitll 11. 6. 2021

  • REGULAR 32 €

    payed from 12. 6. unitll 3. 9. 2021

  • LAST MINUTE 35 €

    payed from 4. 9. until 15. 9. 2021

Additional information about registration fee, dates to sign up etc. are published in the tender of the marathon, which you can access on this website. All instructions for participation in the marathon will be sent to you on your e-mail in time.

Gift package

  • Technical t-shirt JOMA for all runners payed unitll 3. 9. 2021​.
  • Memorial medal for all runners at the finish.
  • Gift package for the first 1,000 runners who will pay the registration fee.


    Registration is closed.